Good News To Make You Smile!

The Ruby Mane Team Bring You A Round-Up Of Their Favourite Good News Stories As A Result Of The Coronavirus Lockdown 

During these challenging times when we are full of fear and worry, it’s good to remember that bad times can also bring out the best in people, which is why the Ruby Mane team have rounded up some of their favourite good news stories.

If you’ve come across a wonderful display of care, generosity or kindness, we’d love to hear from you – just post about it on our facebook page.  So here we go with our good news stories to bring a smile to your face…

99-Year-Old War Veteran Raises £18 Million For The NHS

The incredible Captain Tom Moore has captured the nation’s hearts with his fundraising efforts.  The 99-year-old war veteran has (at time of writing) raised more than £18 million for the NHS  by completing 100 laps of his garden before his 100th birthday. He set out to raise £1,000! We, and the rest of the nation, salute you Captain Moore!  More than 890,000 people have donated to his JustGiving page HERE

Banksy Graffities His House!

“My wife doesn’t like it when I work from home,” – so says graffiti artist Banksy who showed off his latest artwork via his Instagram page.  Quite frankly, we have some sympathy for Mrs ‘Banksy’ as he’s decorated the bathroom with images of rats making a mess, marking down the days of isolation and showcasing questionable toilet etiquette!

Communities Pull Together

Local communities in Farnham and across the UK have pulled together as a community, giving a helping hand to those in need.  People in their tens of thousands have volunteered their services to help the elderly and vulnerable with food and medical deliveries.  Thousands of former NHS workers have also volunteered to go back to work to help in our over-stretched hospitals.  It warms the heart to see people looking after each other in times of need. 

The Nation Claps For The NHS & Carers

The lovely people of Farnham are among the tens of thousands across the UK to join in as the nation claps for our NHS, carers and key workers every Thursday at 8pm.  Toot your car horn, bash on a pot or pan or simply clap your hands in applause for the fantastic work being carried out by the NHS and carers during these difficult times.  They put themselves at risk on a daily basis to look after us.  Key landmarks across the UK turned blue in support – and continue to do so every Thursday evening. 

The Tooth Fairy IS A Key Worker!

When asked by a child whether the Tooth Fairy would still visit during lockdown, we were all relieved to hear New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern confirm that the Tooth Fairy would continue in her vital role as a Key Worker. The Easter Bunny was also a key worker and is now working on chocolate stocks for next Easter. Meanwhile, we have no word yet on Santa Claus but are certain he and his elves are busy working safely in the North Pole. 

Masks For NHS Heroes – Raising Funds For NHS Workers

‘Masks for NHS Heroes’ continue to raise funds to provide Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to protect healthcare workers against the Coronavirus while caring for sick patients. Initially the target was £200k but after support from actor James McAvoy and 32,800 others, they have now raised a whopping £1.8m to go towards providing essential PPE equipment for our NHS heroes. The first PPE deliveries funded by this appeal have already gone out to hospitals.  You can donate HERE

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