Your Hair As You Age – What To Expect

Top Tips From Ruby Mane Hair Boutique In Farnham, Surrey

Over time your body begins to change, and that includes your hair. A natural process occurs where you will begin to see changes in the texture and colour of your hair. But don’t worry, this is part of life and there are many ways to keep your hair looking good as you get older.

Factors that affect your hair are:

  • age,
  • diet,
  • genetics,
  • and your overall health.

So, to look after your hair you must also take these factors into consideration. At Ruby Mane Hair Salon in Farnham, your hair is our top priority and so we have compiled some information to help you deal with your hair as you age.

Grey Hair

The reason your hair turns grey is because the pigment cells in your hair stop producing as much pigment and so, whatever your natural hair colour once was, becomes grey instead. A common reaction to this is to cover it up with dye. However, this may make your situation worse as the chemicals in the hair dye can damage your hair (which is not as strong as it once was).

As your hair ages, you need to protect it, which means you should stay away from hair colour, heat-styling and teasing your hair. These can lead to your hair feeling more dry and brittle. But, if you decide you cannot live without these things then you must use the correct products. At Ruby Mane Hairdressing Salon in Farnham, our professional stylists can dye your hair with the safest products and can recommend which shampoos, conditioners and any other hair products that you need to help look after your hair.

If you have to use heat-styling products then you must always make sure to apply a heat protectant to your hair before! Ideally, don’t heat style your hair every day – this includes blow-drying, curling and flat ironing. The less heat applied to your hair the better! Cutting out using heat styling tools a few times a week will give your hair time to repair itself from the damage they cause.

Something to remember is that silver grey hair colour is in at the moment so you can embrace your naturally greying hair because some people are paying to have hair that looks like yours! Go grey gracefully with a new haircut too. Short hairstyles are the most flattering for older women, such as graduated layers kept close to the face or even a pixie cut. You’ll look fabulous with your new do!

Hair Loss & Thinning Hair

Your hair has a life cycle, and as it gets older this cycle is shortened – meaning that there’s more shorter, finer hair that falls out. Usually, this hair would be replaced with new hair, but as you age this tends not to happen which results in hair loss. This is a common issue for both men and women with a variety of reasons for this hair loss such as:

  • age,
  • reduced hormonal support,
  • nutritional deficiencies,
  • thyroid disorders,
  • and endocrine disorders.

Menopause is also a factor that can cause hair loss for women as they enter their 40s and 50s. It is due to the lack of testosterone and oestrogen that occurs as you get older that leads to hair loss. But, again, this is a natural process that almost everyone experiences, and there are some things you can do to help with hair loss.

The best advice is to use moisturising products as thinning hair usually results in dry and brittle hair with a flaky scalp. Keep your scalp healthy and your hair will follow. You can also try out some hair thickening products as recommended by our experts at Ruby Mane Hair Salon in Farnham, Surrey.

What Else Can I Do To Keep My Hair Healthy?

A healthy body will result in healthy hair, so make sure what you’re putting into your body is good for you! Hair follicles are made mostly of protein, so make sure you’re getting your daily intake of protein. Healthy foods that are good for your hair include:

  • low-fat, red meat – it’s full of protein,
  • green vegetables – for vitamins and iron,
  • eggs – contain biotin which our hair needs,
  • berries – for antioxidants and vitamin C,
  • avocados – contain omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin E which are great for healthy hair.

You may also want to start taking multi-vitamins if you don’t already as they will help you get all the vitamins you need for stronger, healthier hair.

If your hair loss and hair thinning are becoming a big problem for you then make sure to speak to your doctor. They can check if any medications you are taking or have recently stopped taking are causing this, and also suggest any new medications that can help.

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