What Makes Your Hair Grow?

All You Need To Know About Growing Your Hair by Ruby Mane Hair Salon in Farnham

What Makes Your Hair Grow?Many of us are not aware of some of the basic facts about our hair. Ever thought about how fast your hair grows and the number of hairs you carry? At Ruby Mane Hair Boutique in Farnham, we are going to provide some hair facts about hair and hair growth.

On average, we have about 100,000 hair follicles on our head, and they grow at an estimated rate of 0.35mm daily. Each hair strand has three components – the cortex, cuticle and medulla. The medulla and cortex hold the pigment responsible for the colour of your hair.

Hair follicles grow differently for different individuals – its growth is dependent on things such as hormones, diet and genetics. Pregnant women often have thicker and stronger hair, and this is due to the extra hormones playing around the body when you are pregnant.

Why won't my hair grow long?

Always wondered why your hair gets to a particular length and stops growing longer? The most likely reason is that your follicles are flat. Flat follicles have a loose grip on your hair which results in a shorter hair length, while round follicles have a tighter grip resulting in longer hair length. No matter the efforts you put into trying to grow your hair longer, if your follicles are flat, your hair will not grow longer – so start appreciating your length!

The longer your hair grows, the more it becomes harder for the follicle to hold it and when it becomes too cumbersome for the follicles, they shed the hair, but that should not be a cause for worry, as the follicles will grow the hair strands again.

Have you ever asked yourself why haircuts are painless? Notice you do not feel pain when a razor or scissors go over your hair? Demystifying the mystery – during hair growth, your hairs come out through the hair follicles. These strands contain cell protein picked from the blood vessels around the scalp. An increase in cell production leads to an increase in the length of hair, resulting in hair pushing through the skin.

The hair shaft which contains keratin appears through the skin when very long. When the hair becomes visible on the scalp, it is already dead, and this structure of the hair explains why haircuts are painless.

How to grow long hair

What Makes Your Hair Grow?While your inputs do not determine how long your hair will grow, they can speed up the growth process. Below are some tips to speed up the hair growth process from the expert hair stylists at the Ruby Man hairdressing salon in Farnham.

  • Eat food rich in Zinc, Iron and Protein.
  • Take supplements that boost hair growth
  • Use a mild shampoo – one that will not be harsh on your hair
  • Have regular haircuts



What causes damage to my hair?

Silicone-containing shampoos are a no-go area as they cause hair breakage. Chlorine and heat appliances also pose a threat to the health of your hair – chlorine leaves your hair brittle while blow dryers and other heat appliances weaken the hair shaft.

Using the right professional hair care products and having regular haircuts help prevent hair damage. Come to our Farnham hair salon for a deep hair conditioning treatment that will leave your hair glossy and healthy.

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