What Causes Grey Hair?

What Causes Grey Hair?While grey hair is one of those things in life many people dread, it is refreshing to see that the silver grey hair colour trend has changed the negative perceptions of grey hair.

Whether you’re just starting to go grey, or you have been pondering over a silver grey hair colour change, we have some tempting hair colour options for you.

Come and visit Ruby Mane hair salon in Farnham and one of our expert hair colour technicians will provide you with a professional hair colour consultation. 

Whilst on the topic of grey hair, here are some interesting facts!

The connection between smoking and grey hair 

Smokers are more prone to developing grey hair early in life than non-smokers. The Indian Dermatology Online journal published a study in 2013 which revealed that smokers are 2 and a half times more likely to grow grey hair earlier than non-smokers.


Grey hair may indicate you need more vitamins

Grey hair may also be an indication that your body is low in certain vitamins. Low levels of vitamin D3, serum calcium and serum ferritin are common among those who have gone grey very early, while a low level of vitamin B12 is known to cause loss of hair pigmentation.

Grey hair and your genes!

Look at your parents carefully…when did they develop grey hair? It’s likely you will turn grey around the same time as your parents did.  Caucasians usually develop grey hair in their mid-30s, blacks in their mid-40s and Asians develop it in their late 30s.

What Causes Grey Hair? What Causes Grey Hair? What Causes Grey Hair?What Causes Grey Hair?

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