SUPREME KERATIN for smooth shiny hair

SUPREME KERATIN for smooth shiny hair

Help is at hand if you suffer from dry, damaged and frizzy hair!  At Ruby Mane Hair Salon in Farnham we are delighted to recommend Schwarzkopf’s SUPREME KERATIN treatment.

This is a complete hair smoothing system which offers an instant and long-lasting solution to unruly, thick, wavy hair, flyaway frizzy hair and bleached damaged hair.

before and afters SUPREME KERATIN

By infusing the hair with keratin you will end up with beautifully soft, manageable, smooth and shiny hair, which is much easier and faster to style every day.

We offer the full range of SUPREME KERATIN products at Ruby Mane Hair Boutique in Farnham, including the fabulous Instant Keratin Infusion which rebuilds the hair deep from within as well as on the surface.  The formula contains heat-activated Vitamin C and Sodium Sulphate to tame and reshape the hair and hydrolysed keratin that merges with your hair’s natural keratin to create healthy-looking hair.

To see SUPREME KERATIN in action, check out this video link.