Menopausal Hair Loss

Hair Loss And The Menopause - Advice From Ruby Mane Hair Salon in Farnham

Many women suffer from thinning hair and hair loss during the menopause as their body goes through physical changes and fluctuating hormone levels.  In this article, we explore the issue of menopausal hair loss and what can be done to avoid shedding hair.

The average age for the menopause is 50 but you may experience changes earlier than this. Most women notice a reduction in the thickness of the hair strands.  Perhaps your hair is not growing as vigorously as it once did.  You may also see a widening of your parting and loss of hair around the hairline, plus increased shedding.  A complete loss of hair in women is extremely rare and usually caused by other conditions. 

menopausal hair loss in women

Preventing Menopausal Hair Loss

It is possible to limit the impact the menopause has on your hair and body.  Experts suggest the following:

* Eat a healthy balanced diet including plenty of fruit, vegetables and unprocessed foods *

* Drink plenty of water as your body needs to be well-hydrated to function properly *

* Use professional shampoos and conditioners created to help prevent hair fall such as the Kerastase Genesis range, available at Ruby Mane *

* Take supplements to promote healthy hair and skin *

* Be gentle with your hair - cut down or avoid heated styling, heavy brushing, tight hair bands *

* Book a consultation with an experienced trichologist who can diagnose your hair loss issue and recommend suitable treatments *

* Book a consultation with your GP to discuss Hormone Replacement Therapy. Remember to carefully weigh up the risks and the benefits *

While this tip will have no impact on your hair loss, the experts say it is important to exercise using weights and resistance training.  Yoga and pilates are also recommended.  Your muscles will be strengthened, flexibility will improve and your mood will lighten. 

Kerastase Genesis Products To Prevent Hair Loss

Here at Ruby Mane Hair Boutique, our stylists highly recommend the Kerastase Genesis anti-fall hair products.  Consider using the shampoo, conditioner and serum to gain the best results. Genesis is supercharged with ingredients to help prevent hair fall.  These include Aminexil, Edelweiss native cells, and Ginger roots. 

The Causes Of Hair Loss During Menopause

As we age, women experience a decrease in oestrogen levels which can affect their menstrual cycle, sexual arousal and appetite. It can cause mood swings, make skin appear dull, and slow down the hair's growth cycle. Put simply, reduced oestrogen levels cause your hair’s growth cycle to shorten so your hair sheds before it reaches the length that it used to.

Menopause also causes androgen levels to increase which can also lead to thinning hair on the scalp and extra facial and body hair. Androgens reduce the diameter and length of your hair so it looks less voluminous.  

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