How to Keep Children of All Ages Occupied During Lockdown

How to Keep Children Entertained During Lockdown With Ruby Mane Hair Boutique in Farnham

These are, as we are constantly reminded, unprecedented times that we are living in. Whilst many parents aren’t working during the day, just as many are trying to balance working from home or leaving the house to be key workers. With the children, no matter the age, at home and bored it can be difficult to know how to keep them entertained.

The team at Ruby Mane Hair Boutique in Farnham have spoken to many parents to see how they are keeping their little (or big!) children content during the lockdown. Maybe you can find some inspiration or get in touch with your own ideas and experiences!

Keeping Toddlers Occupied During Lockdown

Toddlers can be the most rewarding and exhausting age to keep entertained, with their attention spans lasting what feels like a matter of seconds! This is an ideal time to cut down that screen time and have some fun with your toddler, try some of these fantastic ideas away from the screen :

  1. Kid Yoga, How to Keep Children Entertained During Lockdown, Ruby Mane Hair Boutique in Farnham The “Patience Challenge” – Ok, you may need quite a lot of patience yourself here, but this viral challenge kickstarted by Kylie Jenner can give you both some laughs, some rewards and teach your child a new skill! The challenge is to put a bowl or treat in front of your child and tell them to wait until you come back from another room to have the treat. This has resulted in lots of funny videos whilst toddlers try to sneak a treat, sit on their hands or gobble the treat as soon as Mum or Dad’s backs are turned!
  2. Rotate Their Toys – Keep your toddler’s toys new and interesting by swapping them around. If you have some toys stored in a space they don’t spend much time, get them out and refresh their choices. They might even show an interest in some that you thought they had grown out of – in which case they can go back into circulation.
  3. Practise Yoga & Mindfulness Together – Practising yoga and mindfulness with a toddler may seem like an impossible task, but with many apps and videos focussed on younger children available during lockdown, it can be enjoyable for both of you! One of the best parts about practising yoga is that it will increase the chances of an afternoon nap!

Keep Primary Aged Children Occupied at Home

It can be difficult to drag primary aged children away from the screen during lockdown, when many of them would rather watch other children play on Youtube than play themselves! Get your children out into the fresh air during these lovely sunny days by planning some fun outdoor activities such as:

  1. Water Balloon, How to Keep Children Entertained During Lockdown, Ruby Mane Hair Boutique in FarnhamWater balloon fights – They often cause a lot of mess and noise, but the preparation of making the water balloons, hiding them in strategic places throughout the garden and then the fight itself can fill up a couple of hours – whilst leaving all involved delighted, exhausted and quite drenched!
  2. Learn a new skill – Whether it’s playing the guitar or learning to juggle, now is the perfect time to learn a new skill and practice, practice, practice!
  3. Catch some Pokémon! – The craze that swept adults and children alike a few years ago may be the key to encouraging exercise during the lockdown. Download the Pokémon GO! App on your phone and get outside to catch some Pokémon! The further you walk, the more Pokémon will appear and you can also earn more rewards when you hit certain distances!

How to Keep Teenagers Content During Lockdown

Our teenagers are in limbo, their immediate future has been changed beyond all recognition. No exams, no prom, no part-time jobs, no summer festivals and holidays planned. Raising teenagers is hard at the best of times, raising them during a pandemic is hard emotionally and educationally. They are not shielded from the news like younger children and therefore they are dealing with the constant news and fake news that us adults are exposed to and it can impact on their wellbeing. Try to keep your teenager entertained during the lockdown by:

  1. Running, How to Keep Children Entertained During Lockdown, Ruby Mane Hair Boutique in FarnhamEncouraging Physical Exercise – Teens, whilst sometimes seeming like extras in a zombie apocalypse movie, need lots of exercise to maintain good physical and mental health. Encourage your teenager to walk the dog, follow fitness videos on Youtube or start a programme such as Couch to 5K to set a challenge.
  2. Spring Cleaning – It seems like the whole world is clearing out and making improvements to their homes. Incentivise your teen to spring clean by getting them into the loft or clearing out their wardrobes and share the profits by selling items on eBay or Facebook.
  3. Learn a Vital Life Skill – Ensure that your teen learns at least one new and useful life skill during lockdown. Teach them how to cook a few hearty family meals, this will help prepare them for university or leaving home. If being in the kitchen isn’t their bag, then look at free first aid courses that are available online. Being able to save someone’s life is impressive and when dealing with drunk friends some basic first aid, like the recovery position, is beneficial.

How To Keep University Aged Children Entertained During Lockdown

Life in lockdown is certainly not what students signed up for when they accepted their college and university places.  While third year students are missing out on a graduation ceremony, first year Freshers are missing out on the ‘uni experience’ where they can find new friends, experience new hobbies and socialise every day of the week if they wish!

So, what can you do to keep your older children content during Lockdown? 

  1. Monopoly, How to Keep Children Entertained During Lockdown, Ruby Mane Hair Boutique in FarnhamKeep In Touch With Friends – Skype calls, FaceTime and even Zoom quizzes between friends can be fantastic to keep University aged children entertained during lockdown.  
  2. Get Outside With Old School Friends – Go for a jog, reconnect with an old school friend for a walk (separated by 2 metres at all times), or make use of the free local tennis courts. The sunshine, fresh air and conversation with an old friend will be beneficial and can greatly improve your child’s mood.
  3. Get Competitive With The Family – This is a great time to learn a new skill but try adding an element of competition of fun into the activity such as ‘who can bake the best muffins?’ or offer a prize for the best self portrait. If you’re feeling very brave, you may even set up a family game night (just don’t blame us when the Monopoly board gets turned over!).

Sarah Jones, mum of two university students, said: “Lockdown has been a great way to reconnect with our kids, but there are days when we all feel a bit flat. That’s when I jump into action with little acts of kindness to raise morale – maybe a fancy coffee for my daughter and a fun picture quiz or games night to look forward to at the weekend.”

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