Wedding Hair – Let’s Hear It For The Groom!

Visit Ruby Mane Hair Boutique in Farnham for the Best Hairstyles for Bridegrooms!

Calling all bridegrooms!  Now you’ve got your formal attire sorted, it’s time to think about how you’ll be wearing your hair on your wedding day.  

As the groom, you want to look like the best version of yourself – confident, cool and immaculately-groomed (no pun intended). Our team of expert stylists at Ruby Mane Hair Boutique in Farnham are here to create the perfect hairstyles for men to wear at weddings. Whether you’re the groom, groomsmen or guest, we’ll create the perfect wedding look for you.

hair ideas for bridegrooms, Ruby Mane Hair Boutique, Farnham in Surrey

Best Wedding Hairstyles for Men

We’ve got your hair covered when it comes to wedding day hairstyles. So here are some of our Wedding Hairstyle Ideas for Men to inspire you…

1. Wavy & Tousled Wedding Hairstyles for Men

If your hair is naturally textured and tousled then stick with that! Loads of male celebrities choose the messy look as their staple formal hairstyle for the red carpet. But don’t worry about it getting too messy throughout the day, your Ruby Mane stylist will make sure your waves stay in place while looking natural for your big day.

2. Men’s Slick & Formal Wedding Day Hairstyles

Slicked back hair is one of the most popular formal hairstyles for men. But, you should use a matte product that won’t look shiny in wedding photos – you don’t want your hair looking greasy! Your Ruby Mane stylist will make sure it looks great for your wedding.

3. Wedding Hairstyles for Men with Curly Hair

If you have curly hair, show it off proudly! To make your curls more defined and fight off any stubborn frizz, your Ruby Mane stylist will use a special cream to make your hair look perfect!

hair ideas for bridegrooms, Ruby Mane Hair Boutique, Farnham in Surrey

Wedding Day Grooming: Do’s & Don’ts

DO come into Ruby Mane Hair Boutique in Farnham, Surrey as soon as possible after your engagement. If you do this then we can help your hair to reach its fullest potential by the time your wedding comes around by creating a grooming-plan tailored to you.

DO bring in some images of some hairstyles you like. We might not be able to make you look like your favourite celebrity, but we can recreate their hairstyle!

DON’T leave it ’til the last minute! People will notice, and we know you want to look your best on your wedding day, so don’t be clueless about how to style your hair.

DON’T think of your wedding hairstyle as an afterthought by going to a barber shop the week of your wedding. Again, people will be able to tell! We want you to look your best.

Book Your Wedding Grooming Appointment at Ruby Mane Hair Boutique in Surrey

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