Fancy a Balayage?

Fancy a Balayage?

Balayage Hair Colour at Ruby Mane Hair Boutique in Farnham

One of the most requested hair colour trends in 2016 was the Balayage which shows no sign of fading as we head towards 2017! 

Balayage is a French word meaning ‘to paint’ or ‘to sweep’. The technique allows our colour technicians to create a sun-kissed, natural looking hair color.

One of the biggest benefits with a balayage hair color is that it allows softer, less noticeable regrowth lines in between appointments.

Using a freehand technique, we can achieve a soft finish which usually involves creating subtle highlights around the crown, with the color growing lighter and more dense towards the tips.

The look can be as subtle or as dramatic as you wish – and we can use a variety of colours from brunettes, reds and blondes to fashion colours.

Is Balayage Suitable For All Hair Types and Lengths?

balayage at farnham hairdressersBalayage works on all hair types and colours.  It looks more effective on shoulder-length or longer hair.  At Ruby Mane Hair Boutique in Farnham our hair colour experts can place the colour to suit your skin tone so it’ll look amazing and really light up your features.

Please note:  You must come in for a skin test at least 48 hours prior to your colour appointment. This is to test for allergies to the colour range we use. You don’t need to book for this as it takes seconds but we will not colour without a record of a skin test.  It’s a small dab of colour behind the ear, that needs to be wiped away after 30 minutes. After 48 hours if no reaction has taken place you can have your colour applied. 

If you suffer from skin sensitivities we highly recommend Schwarzkopf Igora Senea Colour and Schwarzkopf ESSENSITY colour which are both ammonia-free and use natural ingredients where possible.  They deliver beautiful crisp colours with great condition and shine.

Book your hair colour appointment by calling our friendly and professional Ruby Mane team on 01252 713677 or book online here.