Colour Correction

Colour Correction at Ruby Mane Hair Salon in Farnham, Surrey 

hair colour correction, ruby mane hair salon in farnham, surreyWe are experts at correcting hair colour disasters so if you’ve coloured your hair at home and it’s gone horribly wrong, do not despair!

Often these complex problems will require removing colour from some sections while adding to others. Your Ruby Mane technician will analyse every part of your hair to calculate the accurate mix of tones and shades to restore an overall colour.

We see all sorts of hair colour imbalances and shade problems from blonde hair with green, yellow or pink tinges, root retouches that do not match the rest of the hair colour to hair that has been over-processed.  Of course it is alarming when your at-home hair colour goes wrong, but do not despair – we are here to help you get your hair back to a gorgeous shade and great condition.

Please come in to see us as soon as possible if you have experienced a hair colour disaster so we can begin working out a plan of action for your hair.  Call us on 01252 713677 as soon as possible.